About Us

About BagBeg.com

Established in 2013, BagBeg is a brand that resembles elegant design, premium quality for its products.
BagBeg.com products are mainly high quality ladies' handbags and other variety of premium bags.

All products are imported from overseas and have to go through a very strict Quality Control process by the team.
This is to ensure that all bags sold by BagBeg are of high quality and meet its premium standard.

The product collection includes tote bag, hand bag, leather bag, satchel, hobo bag, purse, bucket bag, messenger bag, clutch, boston bag and sometimes, even branded handbags.

Our products always come in very limited quantity, customers will have to act fast whenever they see any product they like!

BagBeg Enterprise (PC0010146-D) is a registered company in Malaysia.


Why are we called BagBeg?

Why are we called BagBeg?

As simple as its name, we are called BagBeg so that we can be easily remembered and recall whenever someone is thinking of buying bags.

We will try our best to make you "beg for more"!



BagBeg is founded by a person who is in love with handbags that have unique design.

Founder of the company, who is always looking for handbags that no one else is carrying, inspired one day that she should be the one that provide better handbags to all the ladies.
Being very picky and strict in product filtering, she takes only the best looking and quality products with no compromise.
All products sold in BagBeg are carefully handpicked by the founder.


With the assistance of the co-founder, the website BagBeg.com succesfully established and launched in August 2014.


BagBeg's Guarantees

- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our premium quality products
- Top Notch Customer Service
- Next Day Delivery